The 2015 Fantasy Championship is Here

Last year the finish in The Fantasy Championship was as exciting as imaginable. Henry Muto and Rachael Talty teamed up to take home the $200,000 grand prize. This year that grand prize can be yours.

Fantasy football glory and cash await in The 2015 Fantasy Championship.

The cost to enter is $250 per team or three teams for $700. The price point is lower than most high-stakes contests, providing great value to fantasy football players. We have heard your requests for better odds, so for 2015 we have lowered the hard cap on TFC entries by 10%. This year the TFC will be capped at 3,600 entries. Once those entries are filled the contest will be declared sold out and no further opportunities to win the $200,000 grand prize will be offered.

We already have some draft times up. Choose any that you like. If you don’t see a time that works for you, drop us a note and we will set up a draft time that will work for you.

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